What is Studio 39?

Studio39 is a student based innovation team located at Griffith University. We are interested in making mobile apps, websites and anything else tech related to find students with potential and allow them to start their own business in Australia.

Who we are

We’re mostly Info Tech students from Griffith on the Gold Coast, but we welcome any Griffith students. Tommi Sullivan the founder and also a PhD student has had the opportunity to go with Steve Baxter’s team to San Francisco on the startup catalyst program. This involved 20 students from various universities around Queensland to see major companies and successful startups in the USA, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, 99Designs, etc.

The inspiration from this program created Studio39 and has been running for 2 years now.

What our members have made

Our Mission

At Studio39 we focus on getting a prototype out as soon as possible and get students collaborating on projects. We allow students to work both in fields they are experienced and where they need to learn more. Our more experienced students try and offer up as much time as possible to help newer students turn their ideas into reality.